USNA/Annapolis Scavenger Hunt

Explore the United States Naval Academy, and Maryland’s historic city. Find the answers to the clues. Provide evidence. Win a prize!

Each stop is worth points. The more difficult the find, the greater the point value.

100 point finds:

  • A photo of you and any of Maryland’s governors (past or present).
  • A photo of an identifiable location used in Netflix’s House of Cards.
  • A photo of you and the Supe.
  • A photo of a three-generation family of USNA grads. (Show us your rings!)

25 point find:

  • A photo of the monument built to remember the battle of Tripoli.
  • A photo of a receipt from McGarveys.
  • A photo of you with one of Maryland’s state dogs or cats.
  • A photo of someone in your party enjoying Maryland’s state fish.
  • A photo of you with Annapolis’s town crier. (Deduct 10 points if you aren’t in the photo with him).
  • A photo of a vehicle sporting a USNA Class of 2019 bumper sticker.
  • A photo of Ted performing a magic trick at Chick and Ruth’s.
  • A photo with a Medal of Honor winner.
  • A photo of a hogshead.

15 point finds:

  • A photo of the oldest house in Annapolis.
  • A photo with the first African American Supreme Court Justice.
  • A photo of a Navy/Marine Corps wedding sword arch.
  • A photo of someone playing Maryland’s state team sport. (5 point bonus if they are sporting a version of the Maryland flag on their uniform.)
  • A photo of an osprey.
  • A photo of the schooner Woodwind under full sail.
  • A photo of a receipt for a Happy Hour burger at Harry Browne’s.
  • A photo of you with Bill the Goat.
  • A photo of someone playing bagpipes.
  • A photo of a Navy N-star tennis ball.
  • A selfie of you and your group on the water taxi.

10 point finds:

  • A selfie at one of the two patriotic Annapolis restaurants observing either the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem.
  • A photo with a prolific American author.
  • A photo of the monument representing the 7 seas.
  • A photo of the Colonel Ripley diorama + a photo of Colonel Ripley’s home.
  • A photo of the church that Francis Scott Key attended.
  • A photo of the location used in a Harrison Ford movie.
  • A photo of the spot  commemorating USNA’s Nobel Prize in Physics.
  • A photo of the Heisman Trophies won by USNA alumni.
  • A photo of the birthplace of the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence.

5 Point Finds

Don’t sneer at 5 point finds—they add up and may be the difference between a win and a loss!

  • A photo of the old bowling alley at USNA.
  • A photo with the Father of the Nuclear Navy.
  • A selfie with a Mid mid-run.
  • A photo of the Annapolis Balloon Man.
  • A photo of one of the anchors from the USS New York.
  • A photo of the gate at Government House.
  • A photo of the museum honoring two of America’s most important abolitionists.
  • A photo of a working crab boat. (5 point bonus added if there are crabs in bushel baskets on the deck.)
  • A photo with JPJ.
  • A photo of a receipt from Annapolis Ice Cream. (We recommend the coffee flavor).
  • A photo of the figurehead of the USS Delaware—also known as the “God of 2.0.”
  • A photo of “red beach.”
  • A photo of a street musician plying his/her trade.  (5 point bonus if it’s the opera singer.)
  • A photo of  the Harbor Queen.

The Fine Print

Be creative. Often there is more than one way to solve the clue. Ask questions, Google if you must, and be ready to learn some of the significance of the landmarks around USNA and Naptown.

If the clue requires a selfie, you must be in the photo. Otherwise, it’s not a selfie, it’s just a photo. Send your photos to us, subscribe to our RSS feed, and we’ll send you a prize!

We hope this scavenger hunt gave you an opportunity to learn something new about the community we love.

We at Annapolis MD Events love Annapolis, love Navy, and want to share our town with you. We hope to be a resource for all those visiting and perhaps hosting their own celebrations whether during a brief visit or over your 4 years as a USNA parent or friend.